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The application phase to the Pacific Rim fanbook is open! Please follow this link to the application form.

(Cosplay photography, craft photography, and writing submissions will be open at a later date!)

Please note that your final piece is not needed at this time! This form is simply for submitting existing work that is of the quality you would expect to submit as a final piece. People accepted in this phase have reserved themselves a spot in the book and will be included (provided they submit their piece by the deadline to be announced later).

Applications are open until November 30th!

After that, a submission phase will begin. The submission phase will be when those who were not accepted in the application phase, or missed it entirely, are given a chance to submit specific pieces for consideration. Writers, crafters, and cosplayers may also submit work at that point. (Accepted artists from the application phase will also have this same time frame to get their work done and submitted. The only difference is, those artists have already been accepted.)

I realize this two pronged method might be a little confusing. There were people who wished to apply before investing the time into a piece, and those who wished to just submit a piece. This is an attempt to have both those methods available. If there’s any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Anonymous asked:

The beauty that is a touch-starved, love-starved Hermann finally just glutting himself on cuddles with Newt. After the drift, Newt just touches him all but constantly. There are cheek kisses every morning, they lean on each other while discussing work/next steps/career plans/life plans, they wind up halfway in each other's laps on the sofa, legs crossed over each other, just always touching.

newmannheadcanons answered:

Cuddles is my favorite thing.